Sunday, July 24, 2011

our new baby girls izabella and matildah

life is soooo busy....

hi everyone out there in blogger world its been a long time since ive been on here and well now i have 2 new additions izabella and matildah born on the 8th june 2011 both are doing well although they dont like to sleep much!!! but life is good very busy and chaotic but good... big brother cooper and big sister makayla are both loving their new sisters although they dont like the crying when their fav shows are on!! lol... i will try to get on here more often when time lets me!! we are slowly starting to rebuild our house we got a kitchen delivered last week and gyprock arrived today so now we just have to start working on it, its been a long 6mths but we are getting there...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

hi all its been a while since ive blogged life has just been so full on i just dont seem to have much spare time... well i have 8wks to go b4 our 2 beautiful girls are born and i am starting to get a little nervous and excited... time has seemed to have gone slow but the last few weeks have flown by... i wouldnt have gotten thru this year without the help and support of my friends and family and i am truly apprecitive of that...  well i will try to keep more up to date on the blog and keep u all posted about the twins.. take care stay safe xxx

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

starting again

hi my name is amber,
i have been a blog member for a little while but havnt really got into blogging but after a recent personal devastation that no only affected my family but so many others in qld i am refering to the recent floods we experienced i wanted to get into my blogging as i am an acid scrapper but lost my supplies and have to start again which now after the generous parcel i recieved today from another blogger michelle jamieson is going to be made so much easier, and to all the generous scrappers who donated so many of their supplies my biggest thank you to you all.... the generosity of friends, family strangers thru the past few weeks have just been so overwhelming.. i have a 6yr old boy and 4 1/2yr old girl and i am expecting twin girls in a few months so its been a struggle to get back into some kinda normal but we are slowly getting there with some many generous people... i am starting to babble now so i am going to sign off but i will be back very soon hopefully with a new LO...

Thursday, October 14, 2010


well on sunday i went to lunch to celebrate my nans 80th birthday... i also meet my dads family which i havnt seen them for at least 30yrs ( my mum and dad seperated when i was 3) so it was so nice to catch up and meet some aunties and cousins... i have some photos which i hope to scrap over the wknd and will upload..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

still learning!!!!

wow i am so new to this but a very good friend of mine ( who is a pro at this) put me onto blogging and i must say ive read some of her blogs and love how she uploads her scrap LO... I to am hoping that as i get better i can add some of my LO and pics to make my page more inviting!!! I did manage though to upload the purple pumpkin button as i LOVE sams products!!!