Sunday, April 17, 2011

hi all its been a while since ive blogged life has just been so full on i just dont seem to have much spare time... well i have 8wks to go b4 our 2 beautiful girls are born and i am starting to get a little nervous and excited... time has seemed to have gone slow but the last few weeks have flown by... i wouldnt have gotten thru this year without the help and support of my friends and family and i am truly apprecitive of that...  well i will try to keep more up to date on the blog and keep u all posted about the twins.. take care stay safe xxx

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  1. Hello dear girl, I am so glad you liked the layout I did of you, I just had to get it to a page, you are my inspiration my friend and I think the world of you, I can totally agree about the time, just flying, I cannot believe you only have 8weeks??? left...Let's catch up over Easter break if you are free, maybe we could have that day over my house with Tammy - the kids could all play in the yard. Melxx